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Local Move Supervisor

Its main task is to supervise the entire situation on the moving date itself. Move Supervisors are considered a vital part of the moving procedures. They are well-experienced in moving aspects and have been working tightly with the move experts in the field. Move Supervisors are detail-oriented personnel and they have high regard for keeping and following a strict system on their corresponding teams. In every team, they are specified as Move Supervisors and they all work together under its supervision. Regardless of gender, Move Supervisors are tasked to work closely and to be in the field all the time, this is Office Movers Malaysia’s way of maintaining professionalism at work. Move Supervisors act as the team leader of a team and they have a very specific objective to follow.

  • Double-check the location if all goods were packed, cushioned, and labeled properly
  • Check if all the itemized goods were segregated accordingly. This is very important since fragile and none fragile don’t have to go together in one crate
  • Check the safety of all loaded materials- heavyweight equipment like steel cabinets and other furniture should be fastened securely to avoid damage during transport
  • Run a full checklist of all the things that need to be done during the moving
  • Man the moving team accordingly – strictly should follow the customer desired schedule (specifically time/date)
  • Run the Move Locator to personally check the status of the transport of the goods and to check the estimated time of arrival
  • Maintains a very tight communication line with the customer and provides real-time updates
  • Lastly, prepare and sign the necessary required documents pre and post-moving

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